For the first time, Jamia Binoria International is offering online classes catering to all age groups. Whether the men in your family are interested in increasing their knowledge of Tafseer or Hadith or the women are interested in delving into Fiqh areas specific to women’s needs or you’d like your dream of making your child a hafiz or qari to become a reality, we have a course that is perfect for each of your needs.
We offer personalized classess for each student, assigning one teacher per student for the whole session.Students have the flexibility to start either from the beginning of each course or may join any where in between. There will be an initial assessment of ability to determine where to begin their initial lessons. All age groups can benefit equally from our classes. An easy, convenient and affordable way to learn the Quran within the comfort of your home and at your convenience. Learn Islam On-Line from highly Qualified and Experienced English and Arabic speaking Islamic Scholars. Jamia Binoria Online Classes for Men,Women and the Youth!


Taleem-e-Balghan Course Consists Of 5 Periods.(Thafseer, Hadees, Fiqh, Arabic & Thajweed)Each Period Is for 30 Minutes.

Hifz & Nazra

Here Are Seperate Classes For Hifz & Nazra As Well. May Get Enrolled On This If Wished To Study Hifz & Nazra Continuously.


   Binoeria Online classes offers.”taleem-ul-Nisa” couse of  duration 6 months for females specially out side of  pakistan.  

Arabic Language

Under The Vision Of Exprienced & Professional Scholars.Seperate Classes For Men & Women.


All This You May Learn In Simple Common Language Classes For The Complete Course.

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