We Help you step by step!

Step 1

What do I need?
  • Computer (Desktop or Laptop, Windows, Mac or Linux) High-Speed Internet Connection Microphone Speakers or Headphones FREE Skype Account Download TeamViewer or Mikogo or both

Step 2

Register on the web site
  • You can register yourself and add your kids Fill out the Admissions Form for yourself or your kids

Step 3

Request an Assessment Test (for Kids)
  • Email or Call us for scheduling an Assessment Test

Step 4

Sign up and Pay for a Course (PayPal)
  • To pay for a course securely, we currently accept PayPal.

After you have decided which course to take, you can select the course by going to the the Available Courses menu.
Next, click on the appropriate category such as Quraan or Hadeeth or Aqaid or Fiqh or Arabic language.
Next, select the course based on how many classes per week you would like to attend and click on Add to Cart.
If you have more than one student to register, please add the course again or adjust the quantity to reflect number of students. (Note: More than one student per household qualifies for a discount. Please send us an email and someone will be in touch with you to assist with that discount).
Once you have chosen all the courses, please proceed to checkout.
If you have already registered on the site, please log in. If you have not previously registered, please do so now.
After registering you will be directed to the PayPal.com web site.
You can use either a PayPal account or a Credit Card to pay for the courses on the PayPal web site.

Jamia Binoria International is offering online classes catering to all age groups. Whether the men in your family are interested in increasing their knowledge of Tafseer or Hadith or the women are interested in delving into Fiqh.

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