1 – How do we get started?

In order to get started, you will need:
a) A computer/laptop with Speaker and a headphone/microphone.
b) For voice chat and communication, A Skype id which is available HERE for free from
c) Broadband or High Speed Internet Connection
d) Screen sharing software called Mikogo which can be downloaded for free from Here

2 – Do you have any female instructors for female students?
Yes, female instructors are available for female students upon request.

3 – Do you offer any free sessions?
— We offer free assessment class or session(s) depending on which course you have registered for. The assessment which is absolutely free with no obligation can be requested using one of the methods mentioned in our Assessment sections. Please visit our <Assessment> section for more information and get ready to learn from the finest Islamic instructors in the Quranic world in no time.

4 – Are there any benefits offered for referring a friend or friends?
— Depending on the program or courses which you have referred friend(s) for and once they register for that course, you may be either be entitled for a discount on your monthly fees or may also be a month off. For more details, please either email us at info@binoriaeclasses.org or call us at one of the numbers provided in the Contacts section.

5 – How would the online class or session take place?
— Based on your time selection, the teacher/instructor and the student will come online. Make sure you come online atleast a few minutes prior to your class so you can activate/login to your Skype account and launch the Mikogo software so you can be ready to start at the assigned time. Using Mikogo software, the teacher will share the lesson which is being taught and the student will be able to  using  you will be At an agreed upon time , tutor and student come online .With help of telephony software (Skype) , They talk to each other just like a telephone conversation but through computer and a screen sharing software(Gotomeeting ) makes them enable to see the same lesson on their computer screen .Tutor can highlight letters and words of Quranic Script to enhance the understanding of the student.

6 – What happens after the Registration process? How soon can we start the class?
— Depending on the course you have registered for and the teacher you have selected, you can get started as soon as possible. In any case, you can always call us at any of the numbers mentioned in the <Contact us> section.

7 – Where is your office located?
— We have offices in Houston, Chicago, Toronto and Florida and our teachers are located in Pakistan available on Skype and North American numbers anytime to assist you.

8 – Why do we have to fill the Assessment form?
— If you are unsure about your level of knowledge or in case you are confused about the course you should enroll in, you should fill up the Assessment form. Based on the information provided in this form, we will assign a teacher to assess your knowledge after which you can proceed to complete your registration for the course.

9 – A few courses such as Taleem Baligha are not available right away, what is the reason behind that?
— There are a few courses which need to be coordinated with the availability of the teachers and the students and also the timings have to be matched as some students/adults may want this course in the weekday, morning, evening, weekend, etc. Once that is taken care off, we will assign the teacher and start with the course right away.

10 – What languages does your instructor speak?
— Our instructors (both Male and Female) speak English and Urdu languages. If there is any special need, please send us an email and we will see if we can accommodate.